Art we love

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Art we love

A broader context of Art deepens our understanding, engages our senses and encourages our awareness and depth of what art is. The chance to open our box and see art from all over engages a new interaction.

This may be local, regional, national art or nature as art. A perfect way to share and engage the greater art world at large. Enjoy and reach out, if you have a suggestion to share.

Here we celebrate art in multiple forms; visually creative, innovative & engaging,  theater, dance, street art and music. We will be posting art and/or artists that we love, evoking a sense of wonder, unique, different and engaging to move us out of our collective box. The selections are not about a business endorsement, merely a chance to engage a dialogue about art. The selections will be changing periodically to showcase new art and artists.

Find here some of our favorites.


Local Artist, Claudia Castillo shares her beautiful concept of the process of transformation.

Claudia Castillo artist gets inspired from the emotion in a trans-formative visual concept evoked from nature, earth and water.  Her work reflects her own personal movement and transformation.  Creating her own sense of realism which is an abstraction that reflects her own vision of continual change.

Calmer Waters
Acrylic on Canvas 60 . 48 . 1 1/2


The Power of Song as Art.  One Gospel Diva honoring Another Gospel Diva.

Cynthia Girtley's Tribute to Mahalia Jackson  New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival April 29, 2018.



Art in unusual places. Enjoy these dynamic bold visual billboard on a tanker truck.  Located in Italy, this image conveys art is indeed everywhere and part of every day life.



Each and every day, nature brings us art. From the powerful beauty of each mornings unique sunrise, to the bumblebees dancing with the rose petals to the beauty of a twisted gnarled tree.  NATURE brings us ART, each day, every day. Relish the power and beauty of nature as ART.