Our Story


Our Story

Wilton Manors is a small city, adjacent to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and has a population of 12,680. We are an open, affirming city that welcomes all and respects each individual person.

Wilton Art™ is a community based group dedicated to enhancing all lives through public art installations.  Wilton Art™ was founded by Ken Stone, Matt Gill and Ron Falk.

Art is indeed a disrupter, that draws the viewer in and engages you as its viewer, participant or connection. Life today is sometimes a struggle. Wilton Art™ pauses to give you a new voice and empowerment within. The arts in all forms are critically important. These days the arts are micromanaged, attacked, underfunded, called out and challenged often for true self-expression of the artist.

As the world moves faster, we live in a new paradigm of changes. There is a power of each person being their own true self. Equal to all, on a level plane. Engagement with other individuals builds our honor, inspires us and enriches a sense of humanity, through personal discovery.

Take the time to walk our city, discover our arts, meet our people and connect both with your own self and with someone new, possibly different, yet powerfully equal.


Wilton Art™ came about through a dream, hard work and a dogged determination to create a space for art in the City of Wilton Manors.