What is Wilton Art™?


About Wilton Art

Wilton Art™ is a community based group dedicated to enhancing all lives through public art installations.

As one of our first projects, we welcome the disrupter of an everyday road sign that has been re-imagined with a vision of equality for each individual person, an uplifting message about the power that you as a person hold within, or a pause and ponder to inspire you to stop, think, smile, laugh or chuckle.

Take the time to walk our city, discover our arts, meet our people and connect both with your own self and with someone new, possibly different, yet powerfully equal.


Art, out of the box +

The very thought of art elicits strong responses, sometimes likes, dislikes, and often questions. Often this leads to extemporaneous speaking coupled without the knowledge of ageless art masters. Yet, do we open up to experience art through new eyes, new views, new mediums?

Yet, what is art? Is it limited to ourselves and do we view art in our context only, “our box"?

Wilton Art™ was created to immerse the viewer in public arts, start a conversation, engage in a dialogue, challenge our limitations and get us OUT of our collective individual box.

Some art you may like; some you may dislike. However, the connection between art, artist, viewer and viewed presents an opportunity to expand and grow.

Wilton Art™ invites you to open, learn, listen, see new ideas through art and embrace an artist’s perspective. The active engagement pulling us “out of our box” creates stunning growth, self-expansion and connectivity. Give it a try and see with new eyes and new vision. Enjoy.

Honor the artists.

Enjoy the journey.

Join us as we grow.

Give suggestions on concepts.

Build our community through engagement.

Engage with pride and humility as we transform lives.


Art, out of the box +


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